Bath Recitals

How online box office boosted ticket sales by 48% for Bath Recitals in just six months


Bath Recitals was founded in 1981 as a charity to assist young classical musicians newly graduated from the leading academies in obtaining platforms for performances in some of the most attractive venues in Bath including the Pump Room and the Old Theatre Royal. Many of the musicians it has assisted in their early careers have gone on to great success both at national and international levels. When the foundation artistic director retired after 34 years, Revolution Arts was called in to assist with a major redevelopment project.

How we helped

David Gregory, chairman of Bath Recitals, writes about his experience with Revolution Arts:

“Revolution Arts has assisted our organisation in various ways during this period of transition: by providing artistic direction with the help of Nicholas Keyworth who has many years of experience in this field, by marketing advice and by promotional assistance. In six months our ticket sales improved by 48%.

Revolution Arts set up a new website and have maintained it with news stories, photos and videos. There is also a new facility for ticket purchases on line. They have also developed new designs and obtained sponsorship with a printing company which has kept costs of developing a new image to a minimum. New and effective marketing including Facebook and magazine editorial have been developed by RA’s Michael Wilkinson whose career in journalism has enabled him to advise with great effectiveness where our limited budget can most effectively be spent.

Our print and on line mailings have been much improved and presentation of the concerts at the historic venues has been enhanced. Audience building and development have been increasingly successful

There has been much positive comment by supporters and overall RA has helped us to re brand and to increasingly present ourselves as a modern and dynamic organisation .

I would recommend Revolution Arts to any organisation needing a rebranding or further development.”